Blog on retreat

No...not blogging on retreat, Heaven forbid. Although, partly because I think I am developing a reputation as someone who can not do anything without a PC, to the extent that people might not be surprised to hear that I was blogging on retreat, this blog is taking a retreat!

So imagine Re vis.e Re form on a beach somewhere, Bible in one hand, Pina Colada in the other, soaking up some rays, thinking about the next blog-post she is going to write, some day soon.

...actually my sofa and a cup of tea and a pile of books about the Bible and the Bible, more likely. 

Ay revoir til.....well, however long I can bear it, really. Never fix rules or times, too tempting to break them!

God bless, all!

Update - phuph - only 'offblog' for one week!!

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