...that Reform and Awesome are to sit around tables tomorrow and discuss women's ministry from a biblical perspective.

So seriously would love to have gone along to that one!!

Another wish list conference I have missed.

This blog was born out of response to Reform and their teaching, hence the 'revising reform' name, a natural consequence of my spending a lot of time swatting up on, or revising Reform. A while back I could have passed an exam in Reform I knew so much about them. I have to say, I have rather got over that now ;-) hence, the rather unsubtle justification of the name of this site to the somewhat strained Re (about) a vision (egalitarian) and Re (about) transformation. I figured that a blog focussed on protest was perhaps not the most positive contribution I could make to the Anglican blogosphere, so slowly I covered more aspects of ministry than just my explorations of various evangelical positions on the question of ordained women.

I will get on with joining Awesome now so that I do not miss out in the future on the potential learning opportunities for engaging with evangelicals of different perspectives. No doubt, I would contribute my two-penn'orth, even if it was only in my own head!

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