Latest Trinity Journal

Anyone know how I can get hold of M Bird's response on subordinationism in the trinity in the latest Trinity journal?

There are two articles in there written on this topic, see here


Nick Norelli said...


A friend sent me scans of the Giles and Bird articles yesterday that I turned into PDF files. The footnotes are cut off and the scans aren't perfect, but they are readable. I'll gladly send them to you if you'd like. Just shoot me an email


Rachel Marszalek said...

Thanks Nick - I'll take you up on that - thanks a lot. Wondering if this might become my masters topic, not sure but find it fascinating.
Cheers and bless u

Michael F. Bird said...

You could always ask Mike Bird and I'm sure he'd be happy to comply :-)

Rachel Marszalek said...

Thanks Mike - I'm working my way through the articles, Nick sent.

Also writing on Deutero-Isaiah at the mo so might have to reengage with the Trinity stuff after Christmas.

Should have thought to ask you direct - thanks.


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