Book recommendations for my next task

Any advice on books which will help me to look at the servant song from Isaiah 53 in its original context? Anything online? Any forums? Discussions? Blogposts? Etc before I start to tackle my NICOT?

I need to consider its use by the Church as finding fulfillment in Jesus, but for the most part, I need to look at what it meant in its original context. 

Its a strange task but a necessary one, I understand. We are to be critical and scrutinising, it does feel slightly uncomfortable. My Goldsworthy 'Gospel-centred hermeneutics' will have to remain on the shelf for this one and I might have to read more about what this passage says to the Jewish people who are still awaiting the Messiah, if for most of my essay I am to uncover what/whom else it might point to than Christ himself.

I also really need to make sure that I do not digress into some kind of consideration of PSA again, which has a habit of taking over my thinking at times.

Cheers all.


David Ould said...

Barry Webb's BST commentary on Isaiah (and related articles) is quite fantastic.

David Ould said...

oh, and I don't think you will be able to avoid PSA, since it is all over the servant song.

Rachel Marszalek said...

Thank you David for your help, much appreciated.
God bless u


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