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So we wait until February synod until we come to know a little more about what will be decided over the Bishop question and to whom functions will be given and to whom 'protection' will be granted and what that will look like.

In the event of women bishops being established, will there be a transference of certain functions to a male bishop in dioceses where they are opposed to women (and I am conscious that I stopped that sentence a little early but it gives it a kind of nice, couls be unintentional (but isn't really) emphasis.

Now we are probably all aware that these 'superbishops' if there is to be such a thing will be male and will adorn their goggles and 'fly in' much as they did when they were 'flying' bishops to perform ordinations and consecrations. You know they might be even more than flying under the new proposals, I mean they will be super. I am going to have to replace this image:

with one which looks more like this:
Anyway what I am wanting to know is can you suggest any other much more amusing tranference of function to our superbishop than that of ordaining and confirming?
I'll leave it with you?

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Janice said...

Sorry. This is completely O/T, but I wanted to thank you for the link to the oremus Bible Browser. Having access to a searchable digital version of the NRSV has proved most helpful.


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