Oh the inbetween times

Feeling a bit inbetween, if you know what I mean. Inbetween holiness and sinfulness. Inbetween Nottingham and Derby. Inbetween my old life and my new life. Too spead between too many locations - rootless. I think I have spread myself so thin, I don't feel a sense of belonging.

So here I am at the kitchen table, writing this. To my left one daughter is asking me for her spellings to be read out, the other wants her computer game questions answering - she's cooking, virtually, with Big Cook and Little Cook, courtesy of the CBBC website. Opposite sits my husband, building a website for a church in London, a freebie, but we're broke, but it will be okay. I am 10 verses through a 23 verse exegesis of Ephesians 1 but fast running out of words.

Our church is in the next village. Their school is in the one after that. My life is in Nottingham but my home is in Derby

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