Dependence and mutuality a far more godly explanation than authority and submission, surely?

Check out the link to visit Deidre's analysis of 1 Corinthians for how it works regarding the ESS debate. There is a lot of thinking going on regarding this. I must admit I have moved from a stubborn place into a more considering space as I mull over all of the implications of this paradigm for relations in the trinity. I am realising that Grudem and Giles perhaps guard the poles and then there are other brave warriors digging out the snow in between these two ice-scapes. I am looking forward to seeing the paper which is out soon from Michael F Bird, who said to me in a recent comment that him and a colleague Robert Shillaker have had an exchange with Kevin Giles in the next issue of Trinity Journal where they discuss this debate. Their contention is that the Son's eternal functional subordination to the Father is biblical and theologically sound (the Son is eternally the Son) but they prefer to speak of the Son's "obedient self-distinction from the Father" rather than use the language of subordination. However, they point out that applying Trinitarian relations to human relations is misguided and inappropriate. Their essays are, in effect, calling down a pox on both Giles and Grudem.

Interesting stuff.
Watch this space and hopefully we'll get our hands on the article.

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Gill Stanning said...

That would be great Rachel. I am doing an essay on this subject at the moment, so any relevant articles like this would be a big help!


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