Looking at Pauline Ethics

Very interesting, particularly in terms of the debates currently.

Paul holds the tension together – you can not have truth without unity – this is a very interesting way of looking at our Church today? Who are our brothers and sisters? This is a very powerful metaphor, this image of the body of Christ and needs to be held very highly and we should not separate truth as if it is objective from this unity in the body because that has implications for how we treat one another and with this we should underpin our conduct in the church debates. Emm...

How must we read Paul? In many ways, of course but this is interesting...

The study of the Pauline ethics...is not study of his ethical theory, for he had none, nor of his code for Christian living, for he gave none. It is the study, first of all, of the theological convictions which underlie Paul's concrete exhortations and instructions, and secondly, of the way those convictions shape his response to practical questions of conduct.'

(VP Furnish Theology and Ethics in Paul 212)

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