Thinking about those definitive moments...

...the encounters with God which change your life moments.

Reading about Paul from an African perspective from the Asia Journal of Theology

It is pertinent at this point to make some very salient observations in
connection with the mystical elements in Paul's theology of the Holy Spirit.

"1. When Paul met the Risen Lord on the road to Damascus, something happened to him which completely changed his life. He had an encounter with God which revolutionized his theological conception. From that point in time, Paul's concept of God was mystical to the core. He held tenaciously to the reality of a living union with God. God was no longer an abstract phenomenon to Paul. He could therefore say that he received his commission from God to preach the Gospel (Gal. 1:10f)."

Are we too British in our ever so Anglican churches to share our testimonies of our encounters with God? Do they not in fact work to equip us and others for mission?

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