Simple words but I really sense the Spirit's presence when sharing this which I've adapted many times

(Adapted from a prayer by John Pritchard pp83-83 'The Intercessions Handbook, SPCK 1997.)
...so, the whole world belongs to God, we belong to God and he surrounds us completely and lives in us by the power of his Spirit. If you look at your polo mint, you are there in the middle with his love encircling...
More than that, the fragrance of Christ is within you. Think here about the smell of the mint which your polo exudes.
We are going to use the idea of the polo mint this morning as we pray. You might like to eat it or focus on it as you pray.
...so I ask you to draw imaginatively into that shape.
There will be more extended periods of silence than usual so that we might name in our hearts or aloud the people whom we want to lift to the Lord today.
Circle this community with the light and fragrance of the gospel.
Have us understand more of what we believe and more of why we doubt and help us to see that you love us in our questioning too, Lord.
May we commit ourselves to following you in every detail of our lives as we share together in this Good News at this particular time.
CIRCLE US LORD.... Keep LIGHT within; keep DARKNESS out...
Circle our nation with the truths and values of the gospel.
Give to our national institutions – Government, Law, the Health Service, Eduction and the Church the values of justice, fair representation, concern for the week and opportunities for inclusion for every person.
May the sheer generosity of your presence, by the power of your Spirit, infuse our country's life with hope and encouragement.
CIRCLE US LORD.... Keep HOPE within; keep DESPAIR out...
Circle our family and friends with the unconditional love of the gospel.
Keep them in peace and security. Guard those who are vulnerable; strengthen those who are struggling and encourage those who are on the brink of something new. We think particularly of all those who have returned to schools and colleges this week and are preparing for university.
May the deep peace of the Prince of Peace be with them all.
CIRCLE US LORD.... Keep LOVE within; keep DANGER out.
Circle the sick and the bereaved in your healing presence.
There are some we know who are not well, some who are fearful and in pain; some who will soon be resting wholly in your presence. Circle them now lord, the very people we name in our hearts or aloud, circle them in the healing presence of Christ...
May the touch of Christ be for them the touch of wholeness and healing.
CIRCLE THEM LORD. Keep PEACE within; keep FEAR without...
CIRCLE US LORD: Our hearts, our homes, our Church, our nation, YOUR world. Circle us and let us never slip outside the enchantment of your grace or forget that we can exude the fragrance of Christ, for His sake, Amen.

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