Not to everyone's taste...

Gordon D Fee, Mushroom soup and Marmite toast for lunch..Fab!

Here Fee is quite controversial for those of us who have been nurtured in cons evo circles, there is a lessening of focus on justification because the primary focus is on the Spirit.  'It is God the Spirit who has effectively appropriated God's salvation in Christ in the life of the believer and of the believing community'

I want my faith to be shaped by the scriptures but the work of the Spirit is to give gifts and make Father/God real. This is what it is to be charismatic. I understand this to be Paul's focus. Amen.


Lynne said...

Well, I'll give the Marmite a miss -- a good Aussie knows that Vegemite's the only way to go! But the Fee book looks like one I should chase up

Rachel Marszalek said...

Thanks Lynne
Yes, I read your poetry,it's lovely.

I'll chase up the facebook thing too - is not working here at the moment.

Many blessings
Thanks for keeping up with the blog
Have a lovely weekend


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