This is thought-provoking. Can anyone tell me where to go to read up on all things 'Flavian'?


This is how I think 1 Cor.11 was, before the Flavian editors got hold of it. May be things could have been different.

"11.3.Now I want you to realise that the Lord of every man is the Spirit, and the Lord of every woman is the Spirit,
and the Lord is God.

11.4.Every man who prays or prophesies with his Spirit of deceit dishonours his Lord.

11.5. And every woman who prays or prophesies with her Spirit of deceit dishonours her Lord.

11.11.In the Spirit, woman is independent of man , and man is independent of woman.

11.12.All Spirits come from God.

11.14.Does not the Spirit teach you that if a man has an impure spirit, it is condemnation to him,

11.15.but that if a woman has a pure Spirit it is her glory? .

11.16. If anyone wants to be contentious about this, we have no other practice."

This whole passage was originally about prayer. It had nothing to do with long hair or head covering. It has been edited.


Tim said...

Errrr...a couple of other thoughts by Geoff I found over at Chrisendom:

"They didn't go to stool outside the home because that meant walking, and digging a hole on the Sabbath. They used a potty instead, covering their backsides of course, just in case someone like God was shining his light on them. Some of these guys didn't eat meat, but lived only on what grew on trees, like figs and nuts -rather difficult to hold. They were the original Christians or anointed ones, none other than the prophets, but obfuscated to Essenes by the Flavian editors. Why is there is more in the writings attributed to Josephus about so-called 'Essenes' than say priests? Was it because Josephus himself was a prophet, descended from prophets, and not from priests. Show me where the text that describes Josephus practicing as a priest. The so-called four philosophies are an obvious later obfuscation."

Make of what he says what you will, but personally I think I'll pass, lol.

Mike Koke said...

Hey Rachel, you have a nice blog. The Flavians were the Roman imperial dynasty that ruled from 69 - 96 CE and included emperors Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. Some NT books were written during this period and the Jewish historian Josephus (who covers the Jewish War and the Antiquities of the Jews) wrote under imperial patronage. But Geoff's comments are mistaken: there is no evidence the NT writings, many of which are anti-imperial (e.g. Revelation), were tampered with by Flavian editors (he has a bizarre theory that Jesus and Paul were myths invented too) and his argument for an earlier version about the Spirit has no academic support at all.

P.S. I have been asking bloggers their top 5 favourite female biblical scholars, so if you are interested I would love to hear your thoughts.

Rachel Marszalek said...

'Make of what he says what you will, but personally I think I'll pass, lol.' Yeah, I'll do the same.

Definitely quirky!

Mike, thanks. '(he has a bizarre theory that Jesus and Paul were myths invented too) - emm, say no more! I will not be hanging out there.

Re female bloggers - they would have to be:
Suzanne McCarthy at Suzanne's Bookshelf
Cheryl Schatz at Strive to Enter
Jane Stranz at stranzblog.blogspot.com
Paula Fether at www.fether.net
Leslie Johnson at www.doesgodreallyprefermen.com

David Ould said...

like Mike said, there is not one piece of evidence whatsoever of such a revision.

Pat McCullough said...

Hey Rachel, Mike was asking about female biblical scholars for the meme. Did you mean to list five bloggers as your five scholars or was it a misunderstanding?

Rachel Marszalek said...

Yes, I misunderstood and linked to blogging females rather than published female theologians: so I nominate Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza, Dr Elaine Storkey, Dr Phyllis Trible, Monica Furlong and R.M. Groothius. I've updated the meme info by commenting at 'The Golden Rule' blog, thanks Pat. The whole biblioblogs hoo-haa got me all in a kerfuffle ;-)

Pat McCullough said...



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