Hooray, blog gets sent its second free book to review

Excellent. I really hope to do this kind of thing here. The first book I got sent I haven't reviewed yet. There is a reason for this. I need more teaching on the atonement before I can really respond at the necessary intellectual level. However, this next opportunity, I will crack on with straight away. I have already passed the first first year module at college as an independent student so I will just hang out in the occasional lecture with my friends on Mondays especially when there is teaching on the ordinal. Last time, I didn't engage with this enough  as I discovered in module feedback because I wrote a very evangelical scripture-based response to a question. So with Mondays free at times, I will blogging from the library about this book after it's been delivered through my letter-box.

And David Rudel, I do intend to grapple with your book soon!

Philip Clayton's new book, Transforming Christian Theology: For Church and Society (in collaboration with Tripp Fuller (that is me!) and with a forward by Tony Jones.
Phyllis Tickle Says...
“Straight-forward and tantalizingly thorough, Transforming Christian Theology is the first volume to describe in a highly accessible and concrete way how Christian groups of any size or circumstance can locate and amend themselves theologically. This is, in sum, a very, very user-friendly Traveler’s Guide to largely uncharted territory.”
Brian McLaren Says...
How can an important book of theology be so delightful to read? How can a top-drawer theologian have such a high level of respect for "normal" Christians that they are seen as partners in the work of transforming theology? How can Philip Clayton make the idea of big-tent, progressive Christianity so believable and attractive that one can imagine Evangelicals, Charismatics, Mainliners, and Roman Catholics having a meal and joyfully discussing it together? There's only one way to find out - open up Transforming Christian Theology and start reading now.

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