Hello fellow St John's students

Thank you for visiting my blog, my fellow first year travellers. You might want to leave fast. I write about St John's a little bit here but this blog's really an exploration of general stuff really which might not be on your interest radar at all, then again you never know.

I explore the whole women in ministry issues and you'll find a lot of exegesis (attempts at) of those 'problem passages'. I am also quite interested in translation issues like the debate surrounding the rumoured discontinuation of the TNIV in 2011. I react to a few Fulcrum articles and they probably represent for me a sound body of people, whose theology I share for the most part and whose forum threads I find interesting. You could impress Ian Paul by telling him that in your 'theology on the web' investigations, you have discovered he is on their leadership team. I've done a little investigation into the competing theological colleges and I generally type up anything through which I feel my understanding of God has either been developed or challenged.

This blog covers my journey listening and discerning this call and most of what I have written reflects truly who I am and what I am interested in. I do think, though, that I started out in June 2008 with a rather reactionary style as I discovered what I was not before I discovered what I am.

I am a 'trying to be Open', Evangelical (who is excited by hermeneutics). I am Charismatic with a big C, which means that the Holy Spirit is a very big part of my life and theology.

I hope to learn loads from you all.

We have Anglo-Catholics, Pentecostals, Seventh-Day Adventists and Moravians amongst us, please help me to be more 'open' as I discover over the next two years just how amazingly more huge is this God of ours.

If you decide to blog your adventures, do let me know and I'll link to you on my blogroll.

Posts will be labeled 'St John's relevant', when they are, well, St John's relevant. I will also indicate this with this badge, unless they say I can't copy and adapt it, which is a possibility.

Behind the grove forum, where there was an essay template has been disabled, shame, so refer to the CDROM we were given for how to set out an essay. I wish I'd grabbed the template before they disabled it - oh well.

I have loved my first week. I hope you all have too.
I'm looking forward to the next instalment of the BFG ;-)


Anonymous said...

forgive a comment on your open letter to your fellow students but please,
"competing theological colleges" ??!
I'm sure it's just sloppy use of language, I hope it's just lack of thought. I *really* hope that there is no culture of competition in any way shape or form between theological colleges who are surely all aiming to train and aid the formation of the next generation of clergy in the Church across all traditions. It's not University Challenge or the Boat Race!

Rachel Marszalek said...

Yeah, I see what you mean. In my mind, though, I did make them compete against each other - but it's all purely subjective.

In a way though, is not a little naive to not think that competition has anything to do with it. We have a lot of marketing going on to attract people to college and we buy the sweatshirts etc. This might all be my hangover from suffering dreaded Ofsteds as a teacher, I suspect, however that the colleges probably do compare themselves with one another and inspections are available to read at Fulcrum, which I must admit, I read, so maybe the competition is not so subjective after-all, oh, fallen world!


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