Anonymous said...

glad it's working out - juggling is the hardest thing about this combined with motherhood! yes, even doing the so called PT option! ( yeah right) I'd give a lot to be " in college" from 8 -5 or whatever at the mo! I have one still PT at school - and doing less than he was at preschool so I have no full days to study - then I think of my colleagues who are combining this and a FT job and go " eek" but think that perhaps they have wives to cook tea , and/or no school age kids to chivy to bed/do homework/ off the tv/wii etc - I dunno! it's never easy! the last one goes to bed c9pm here. Love it though! wouldn't change it ( but would quite like my kitchen back now thank you...sandwich toaster & a microwave for last 2 weeks - makes catering a challenge!)

Rachel Marszalek said...

Hi fibre-fairy
A few year's ago I made plans for the day (what with having babies), then I started planning the week, then as I picked up church work, I'd plan out the month ahead. Well, we've just put up a wall planner in the office on which we can plan the whole of the next academic year to July 2010, - this speaks for itself really but yes, I wouldn't swap it either. I admire you - you have more children than me - it's just a good thing we do not have to do any of it in our own strength, isn't it? I'll remember you in my prayers tonight.
Much love


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