Cake or death?


Anonymous said...

Hi, I posted this on your Twitter, and there's no reply. Perhaps you're not going there at the moment?

I wonder, when you come to study liturgy, what you will make of addressing worship TO Jesus. In the anglican tradition worship is addressed TO God, THROUGH Jesus. It's not a small point. In fact, in the BCP there are only two instances of prayer to Jesus, both collects. Everything else is to God.

Rachel Marszalek said...

Yeah I need time on my hands to do the whole twitter thing but I hang out here. Interesting, so are you saying much our hymnody addresses Jesus directly where our liturgy doesn't?

I'll mull that one over.

Thanks anon

Anonymous said...

Actually, not much hymnody addressed Jesus until recently. It's part of the increasing docetism of the modern church.


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