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Not Technorati linked - they still won't recognise me, oh well. However, Re vis.e Re form does get an Alexa ranking. Peter Ould, who follows this kind of thing, is keeping a look out at the beginning of each month regarding what is being read.

Peter' s site is 9th, Re vis.e Reform must be 15th because it has a ranking of 954,654.

Blogging is interesting because as well as it being a place where you can share your thoughts on the Church and the gospel, with a little reflection on your life thrown in, you form new relationships. There has been quite a bit of controversy of late about the validity of such relationships, but, I bet like me, many of the people in this list will feel like they know each other, to some extent. Many of us are conversing with each other on a daily or at least a weekly basis. I believe the conversations that I have had have shaped my thinking probably just as much as the theological education I've had so far. I am giving an award to those by whom I have been the most challenged to grow. This list contains those with whom I have much in common theologically and those with whom I might have disagreements on secondary issues. That is all besides the point, really. I have learned loads.

So an award for 5 bloggers:
Peter Carrell
Suzanne McCarthy
Cheryl Schatz
Peter Kirk
John Richardson


Peter Carrell said...

Thanks for that award!

Peter Kirk said...

Thanks for the award. It is such an honour to receive one from someone with a ranking more than half a million above mine! I'm not sure what to do with the award - maybe when I find time I'll put it on my blog.

Rachel Marszalek said...

Yeah but I don't think Alexa makes much sense really.

But pleasure. Thanks - I enjoy your blog. I don't always understand it because I've got a lot to learn but I like it.


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