Today is my wedding anniversary

Us at the old house, two years ago, three doors down from the Church where we serve. Must have been mad to move.

May 09. My whole great, big, beautiful family. My kids first and third from left at front.
Nine years ago I was married at Hagley Hall in Hagley where we were married in the church in the grounds called St John's, by an Anglican priest with a Polish Catholic blessing. My cousin played 'Make me a channel of your peace' on his flute and we danced the night away to a band with a sax. We then spent one night at The Brockencote Hall before flying to the Maldives on a jumbo jet and a small sea plane, and when I saw my island I cried for it was one of the most beautiful things I had seen in my life. And we recalled the events of our wedding day as we walked down wooden steps into the lagoon below, for ours was a house on stilts in the sea. And we talked of how my heart had raced that the bells were ringing for me and God was there and the sun shone and we prayed prayers of thanksgiving in the limousine on the way to our Hotel and we had clung onto each other in the small sea plane and then arrived by boat to marvel at the flowers on our pillow and the cake and champagne that awaited us. And we spent two weeks without shoes, taking photographs of flowers and swimming and feeding fish and eating and sunbathing and...well, you know.

And it was all blissful...so now nine years on, we look back, so happy that God burst into our lives with renewed vigour, purpose and direction. And tonight we listened to music and reflected back on houses and jobs and children and what the future might hold and then at about ten o'clock my husband found out he's got a job. So after four months of unemployment, with us down to our last penny, he will leave at 5 am and head for the big city to help some people who have been left in a bit of a spin after a worm infected their IT system. So this 4 month adventure moves on. My husband was around as I prepared for Bap, to see me come home high as a kite and then to hear my whoops for joy in the hall mid July as I found out they had accepted me. We took time out for New Wine and came to understand more fully the power of the Holy Spirit. He has taken the children to and from school as I worked at college and we have worked together on my return at a big glass desk side by side with our laptops staring out over the blossoming garden.

So...I am going to miss these times. God gave us this time to be together, to parent together, to laugh in the face of near poverty together and to discover more of God together.

A new horizon is dawning and I am going to have to trust Jesus more than ever to help me to juggle everything now that the other half of my 'one flesh' is going to be a little distant in miles and focus. Bless you, Father.


Anonymous said...

Sto lat!

& thrilled that your husband has landed a job after such a testing time.

(We've been there before - two pre-school kids, broken car, broken washing machine, no money - and then God provides! Every blessing on you all.)

Rachel Marszalek said...

Sto lat! Ah Polish - thank you! Although my Polish is terrible - hubby is fluent.

Thanks Anon (Anon 1?)
God will make a way!

Jane Williams said...

Congratulations on lots of counts here - just catching up with your blog after a few months and hoping to see things had turned around. Well done for faithfully holding on, so encouraging...

Jane (occasional St John's student!)

Rachel Marszalek said...

Thank you so much Jane, yes, God is so good and I am so grateful.

Hoping all is well with you
Looking forward to seeing you in lectures again. Thank you so much for all those scans, ironically I never wrote that essay due to Bap preparation but I will need to for next year's deadlines. Thank you for all you did.

Hope life going well at your church
love from Rachel

Jane Williams said...

I did the essay - did OK, am improving in that this mark is 2% better than last and only other essay done for St Johns!

Not sure about me coming back at all - not unwillingness just money at the moment!

Am reading 'What the Bible Really Teaches: A Challenge to Fundamentalists' by Keith Ward at the moment. I can recommend it but I'm sure you have lots to read/do but maybe one day...

Rachel Marszalek said...

Hi Jane
Oh I really do hope you come back - have you looked into all the grants and funding thingies (me being pushy- sorry).

I've got the Keith Ward but only got half way through some months back. ' found it really interesting, much of which I agree with, not all but the vision behind it certainly. I'll have a flick though it again tonight and perhaps write something about it here.

Good to be in touch with you
love Rachel


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