The Time Traveller's Wife

What it left me thinking:

Live every day like it's your last, be reconciled to one another

Time isn't led minute after minute, it does skip around, be grateful if your present if vibrant. Thank God that your future is secure.Thank Jesus that your past sins are wiped out.

Have a ministry to those for whom time is stuck in a loop - to those who can't play their instrument in the God-orchestra because they are stuck - they are stuck in one beat with a perpetual rhythm, a trauma beat, an event in their life which keeps looping, which stops them moving on - pray for God to heal them of this event, for it to become a part of what makes them beautiful rather than damaged.
Thank God that he is outside time, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and that the future will take care of itself and is in his hands.
Be amazed that Jesus as the logos was there with God the Father and the Spirit before it all began and gave us life.
Love. love long and love hard, love vibrantly and really, love each other despite the cost.Love each other because of the cost.

The Time Traveller's Wife. Well worth a watch. (Pun unintentional!)

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