Seeking advice on a translation

Perhaps you'll confirm what I already suspect but perhaps not. What are your opinions on these choices:


Which would suit me?
Which might get me riled and why?


Tim said...

You're going to have to make your own mind up on this one, lol. Everybody and his donkey will tell you why you should use their preferred version over any other and you'll end up as confused as before.

I use a number of different versions depending upon how I feel, but the one I am least likely to use is the NIV, followed by the TNIV. I love the English literary style of the NRSV, but that version could do with some serious revision. I love the ESV for its attempt to remain faithful to the original text. Not always successfully in some peoples eyes, but no translation is perfect nor ever will be. Sometimes I even read from my pocket AV in devotions (or even my e-book Wycliffe Bible ), particularly the psalms. Personally, I tend to stick with the ESV, but fill the pages up with footnotes of my own with regard things I have learnt about translation methods, problems and solutions, references, history, archaeology etc. etc. from as many sources as catch my eye.

Tim said...

Incidentally, if you are looking for a lovely edition of the bible whichever version you choose, then Bibles Direct have some lovely ones:


Rachel Marszalek said...

Thanks for the Bibles direct link, Tim. My bigger Bible, which I consider too big now to lug to college and back was the study ed of the NIV. College use the NRSV so I now use a lovely little leather one which fits snugly into the pocket of any bag but I am wondering which is the most accurate translation, but then I guess that's all a matter of opinion, anyway.

I think I was slightly biased in my choice of the NRSV because it carried endorsements on the back by Christina Baxter, for whom I have a great deal of respect.

What I must be careful about perhaps is that I don't just simply discount translations because Grudem has been on the team, hence my aim to collect lots of advice.

Thanks for the input.

Rachel Marszalek said...

The church where I have served and still worship use the TNIV.

Suzanne McCarthy said...

I can't think of any reason to use the ESV unless one wants an updated RSV. The ESV and RSV work well together, as do the NRSV and RSV. The TNIV and NIV read well together also.

However, the TNIV has improved many passages in the NIV, so it is more literal and accurate than the NIV.

But those who want to harmonize with the ESV and RSV would be able to do so with an NRSV.

The ESV, I think, should be abandoned simply for its translation of 2 Tim. 2:2, Eph. 4:8 and many other passages where anthropos in the plural is translated as "men" for the simple reason that the translators believe that women cannot "teach" in the context of the church.

Rachel Marszalek said...

Thank you Suzanne for dropping by, I really value your input.

Peter Kirk said...

On gender issues I'm sure you will appreciate TNIV or NRSV far more than NIV or ESV. I would recommend TNIV over NRSV partly for its style but also because the NRSV OT editors indulged in all kinds of fanciful reconstructions of the Hebrew text.

Curate Karen said...

NRSV is my choice, because I have heard from my own personal respected contacts that it is the best modern translation available at the moment.

By the way, Rachel, have you seen this yet?

Tim said...

See what I mean? Lol!

But I have some review links which I personally have found helpful with examining translations, and hope these might be of some help to you:




And then of course there is another version of the NT which I forgot, and that is Dr Nyland's Source New Testament. Some of her notes find their way into my bibles, lol.

But it boils down to something that someone else once said. Namely, that you should choose the version which sings to your heart. He doesn't shout at us, He doesn't scream at us, He doesn't march around with a big stick waiting for us to fall down. He speaks softly to us, asking us to listen to Him. Which version speaks to you? That's the one to go for.

Rachel Marszalek said...

Thank you Peter, Tim and Karen

Yes, Suzannah McCarthy and Cheryl Schatz mention that conference in Ryde, so far I've only subscribed for updates but it does so happen to fall in the only free weeks when the children have gone back to school but I've not started college yet. It could be last big blog on those issues before life gets busy! Thanks.

Peter - thanks for confirming things and Tim for the great links. Karen too. I'll stick to my little NRSV for day to day stuff and I think I'll buy some type of TNIV, which is one of the translations I do not yet own but they use at church - this will be the purchase I'll make.

Mark Balfour said...

Hi Rachel - dropped to your blog via Jody's ... I'm really enjoying reading through the bible in the NLT at the moment - it's also great for reading aloud. In fact, if/when we change our church bibles (currently NIV), I'm thinking of advocating the NLT [which is gender inclusive] simply for immediacy and accessibility.

Rachel Marszalek said...

Thank you Mark for dropping by. I think the Holy Spirit guides us into making choices about translations. If its about accessibility and reading aloud so that the gospel is understood and clear and inclusive, I think your motives are honourable.

Thanks for your contribution.


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