A little harmless self-promo...

Well, David Kerr is quite unabashed about telling us all he's made it into Technorati's top 5. I have been unable to even get my blog to upload to Technorati, although my new blog Angel Utterances managed it in a minute. Re vis.e re form just will not work on technorati - I must have messed up my code ages ago.

Anyway, I am rather thrilled to be at the number two slot here:
I'm not doing too badly considering I blog on a computer that's over 3 years old and seriously on its last legs - ahhhh! ;-) poor Rach.


David Ker said...

You're the tops.

Rachel Marszalek said...

Ah shucks...thanks Dave...;-)

Peter Kirk said...

Yes, David is quite unabashed, even shameless, when he is telling little photoshopped (well, IrfanViewed and Publishered) porkies. ;-)

In fact your blog has an Alexa rank of 1,309,730, higher than David's 1,360,799 (but still higher than mine). That would put you within the top 50 biblioblogs if they listed you.

Rachel Marszalek said...

Woo - thanks Peter -yeh I don't really 'get' all the measuring and ranking things only that my rejection by technorati - it doesn't understand my URL, is a little maddening. I think we have to be a little careful about the whole 'blog world domination' thing - I guess God knows our motives and we want to give him the glory by using blogs to witness to him and what he is doing in our lives. However, the human ego is a powerful force.

Mind you, Dave's site is seriously neat and I like his out of the box thinking. All those coloured boxes - very snazzy.

Peter Ould is very into his Alexa rankings and his blogwiki Rowan stats - it sometimes brings out the frighteningly competitive side in the rest of us to which I want to yell - stay down, stay down - oh what a miserable wretch I am ;-)



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