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Encountering God as we worship him and bring in His Kingdom.
This first album brings together 10 worship leaders from across the New Wine network.
Songs include: the title track Saving Grace (Bennetts/Heaslip), Here on Earth (Ruis/Heaslip), Bones (Gate), Rescuer (Herbert/Parks), Stronger (Morgan), You are here (Bennetts/Heaslip), and The way that You Father me (Gate/Heaslip).

Some one once said that if you want to travel quickly you should travel alone, but if you want to travel a long way, you should travel together. Saving Grace is an album that is birthed out of many people worshipping together, serving together, writing together and singing together, and in many ways it is a small but hopefully significant part of a long journey that we are all sharing as co-workers in the Kingdom of God.

Saving Grace is full of songs written to be sung in church. Produced by Nathan Nockels (Tomlin, Redman) and Joe Baldridge (Brenton Brown) we hope it will be a great sounding album, with fantastic musicianship and creative arrangements. But most of all we hope that the songs on it will spark in other worshippers a greater passion for God and for His Kingdom.

I love it !


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