I'm pretty sure I WILL dance...

Bless you Father and rejoice. You are drawing my husband closer and closer into your fold. It is so exciting seeing someone journey with Jesus right under your gaze. My husband became an Anglican a month ago. He's always had a relationship with God. He was brought up a Catholic. But he is now praising God more intimately and we pray together and he prays and he is reading his Bible and he was just great anyway but I get to see Jesus transforming him and it's just beautiful. Jesus is the most amasing thing that has ever happened to my husband and I, shortly followed by meeting each other and having our gorgeous children and I just have a feeling that my husband, like me, is going to want to give his life over to speading the Jesus news too. And whoever thought it would be this good. The more you surrender, the more it feels okay to do so, the more the old things which used to inhibit surrender fade in importance. God is so good, he makes knowing him just the thing you end up desiring most and so being with him, spending time in his word and working out what his will is for you and the people around you becomes just the best thing anyway. Wow - how does he do that? So happy to be so found.

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