Going on retreat with Wendy Virgo, John Wimber, Marcus Borg, John Crossan, Ralph Martin and Gordon Fee

Yes, it could be an interesting couple of weeks. Not literally going with that lot or even to their speaking engagements, no, just taking their books to the beach, well, the pebbles really, not going far.

It will be interesting reading Wendy Virgo's take on things, I will balance her out with 'The first Paul', just reviewed in the CEN, although not a new book. Gospel and Spirit by Fee I think I'll get on well with. I haven't found him too problematic with his take on the NT, although his response to Deuteronomy has left me puzzled on occasions. Ralph Martin's 'Hungry For God' is quite a classic, I believe, written before I was born. I had to get a second-hand copy and Wimber's 'Power Healing' is something which interests me at the moment for I have much more confidence now in a God who heals. It feels strange to even think I used to be skeptical about it but I was in that place at one time. It might be a result of living with a father who has MS, but I am perhaps realising that whilst God hasn't healed my father, he is keeping him nourished and positive. Now that I have witnessed actual healings, though, and felt the power myself, I find the whole idea of healing ministries very exciting and I am perhaps thinking through again more acutely the whole nature of the double imperative to preach the gospel and heal the sick in Jesus' name.

Anyway I am waffling and I haven't packed yet and I think that the break will do me good, could be the last one I'll be getting in a while! Au revoir.


Curate Karen said...

Have a good break, Rachel, and happy reading! We're off to Legoland next week.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, be careful with that lot on the 'beach' - they might end up throwing pebbles at each other - 'bad boys' Marcus and John C. scrapping with 'good boys' Gordon and Ralph, while John W. and Wendy come surfin' in on a third wave (kinda like 'Blue Crush' in reverse). Aloha!

Anna Hackett said...

Have a lovely break Rach and do a bit of relaxing too! Give the girls and Hen and big kiss from us. Love you and take care. An XXXX

Rachel Marszalek said...

Hey Ann, thanks for commenting - my dear sister in Christ and in blood! Absol. love ya!


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