Follow up to my John Piper investigation

Okay, hardly an investigation but the other night I came across a video which made for uncomfortable watching. See here.

Cheryl Schatz has looked at some of Piper's complementarian ideas and like me, thinks his opinions just don't stack up. Oh, to release women and men everywhere from the teachings of organisations like CBMW - that will be the day.

Cheryl writes:
'It is no wonder that churches everywhere inundate CBMW (The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood) with questions each year on what is “permitted” for women to do and what is restricted. Hundreds of questions regarding things as diverse as a woman ushering to a woman giving directions to a man,have come into CBMW ...

John Piper admits that there are “ambiguities” and that he is “sure” people make “unwise decisions” in their restriction of women...'

She goes on to say 'The fallacy of “equal but different” is never so blatantly false as when complementarians like John Piper try to talk about the “ambiguities”. The fact is that they teach “unequal and different” while the Bible teaches “fellow heirs”.

Piper ends his answer by saying that, yes there are some people who will “draw lines” (that means restrictions) where they shouldn’t draw lines. What is his solution? We should be sensitive to what is the wise loving application of the biblical “clarity” that we have for these situations. That is amazing since he just said that there are “ambiguities” here so how did it now become “clarity”?

She sees so many flaws in this misuse of the scriptures to restrict the roles of women. Thank God for Cheryl Schatz - there is hope that we can bring up both our young daughters and sons in a fullness of truth which will enable them to be the new creations they are in Christ without man-enforced restrictions!

For the rest of her thoughts and Piper's video see here. I'm sure one day he'll have his Gilbert Bilezikian moment and the scales will fall off but we will have to be patient and prayerful and wait.


Peter Carrell said...

Turning Piper around, full access to ministry for women and men is simple rather than complex to implement!

Rachel Marszalek said...

Yes, it all just seems so obvious.


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