God is so all about experiences as well as the Word and the word. The Word and the word is experiential. Because Jesus was man, the human is so sacred. The only sacred thing to God is sin - is not living in right relationship with him, God is interested in everything - politics, sport, sex, finance, environment - you name it, he's interested in it. God's Kingdom can come in everything if we just co-work with God to bring this about by letting the Holy Spirit take up residence within us.

God designed us so we would reach out for him - we get it so wrong when we try to access energy through undignified sex or drugs or fast cars etc. God gave us endorphins and designed our bodies so that when we meet with him, we will be in a state of bliss.

Everything is new. We can all be new creations though Jesus and the Spirit of the triune God. God longs for us. God is love and he wants to lavish his love upon us, when he does this, we crave being in his presence, want others to know what we know, love people more, become more compassionate, become more like God, ask God for more, who lavishes more upon us so that we have more power to love and so it goes on in one great big dance and this is the way that God will bring in his Kingdom through us and it will affect everything - this Kingdom breaking in - this revival - everything will return to being in balance - people as a body - the body of Christ where lack and gain in giftings fit together like a jigsaw puzzle - where everything returns to bliss and rest through Jesus and his Spirit.

And now for a side-track - there is quite a fair bit of wisdom in this (video above) (see also John Richardson for reaction and Anglican Down Under)- it describes God's Common Grace, it reminds me of the writings of Justin Martyr (here reviewed) who understood people to be connecting with God when they didn't actually realise that they were connecting with God but I believe that pluralism makes God groan like we groan (Romans 8 we groan for him). I believe that God so wants for us to understand that it is actually all about his Son Jesus.

Take this for an analogy. If your child became separated from you, and you couldn't find her, you would groan with everything in you to reconnect with your child as its parent. If you discovered 20-25 years later, for example, that your child had been brought up very happily by another adult, there would be much of you that would rejoice at this but you would still be in pain that the child didn't have the fullness of being your child for that is what was intended. I believe that God groans for us to realise that all good things actually come through his blessed Son, our Lord Jesus Christ and I believe that he is the way and the truth and the life. Amen. Bless you Jesus.

PS All of this is difficult to discuss, as I've said at John's site:
Is there ever going to be a 'question' which is sufficient within the bounds of limited human language from which an 'answer' about what one believes will actually really capture the essence of what one believes or even whom Jesus is? Human language, beautiful as it is and given to us by God, is never going to fully capture the reality of who Jesus is. Language fails us when we talk of God, we need to talk of God in our actions, by the communities we shape and we might express more of him in our groanings and uncertainties than we ever will by all our supposed 'knowing' and language.

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