Rain down, rain down, rain down on me...

And it is...raining down, in both senses of the idea. Well, last night I got about two hours sleep so I'm realising that some of the feelings of 'otherness' are partly due to tiredness as well as the presence of the Holy Spirit. It is good to be discerning about these things. Having said that I am listening to one particularly anointed speaker called Bruce Collins, who proclaims with a real sense of authority and passion for Jesus, for a gospel that is not of the individualistic 'Are you saved, brother, cos I am' but of a gospel wherein God is reconciling the whole cosmos to himself through the blood of his precious Son. This guy is great on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, teaching us how to be loving but at the same time give witness to the Holy Spirit's power to our cessationist brothers and sisters - very encouraging stuff. There is a lot of healing happening and the Spirit is tangibly present. We have learnt about the Eden project this morning working in the most deprived areas of the country and listened to some excellent worship bands and some anointed women leaders.

I got two hours sleep because I had thought that the idea of a double sleeping bag was a good one - romantic, only with my husband's shoulders, I can't fit in. Anyway, our girls are going to clubs and we're off to the next session - notepad at the ready. I'll type up what I've learned once I'm back on dry land.

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