An itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny reformation...

Well, there's an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny reformation going on in my house this weekend. My husband was brought up as a Catholic, a Polish Catholic and in its outworkings this is a more traditional expression of Catholicism than Catholicism today because the rest of Poland has moved on but not the Polish community who gathered here after the war.

So your Saints Day was celebrated over your birthday, fasting was required before consuming the eucharist and sins needed to be confessed in one of those wooden boxes to the awaiting priest. Mary remains a virgin despite Jesus' brothers and sisters and generally the church is ardorned in much goldleaf and with many statues and relics to whom prayers can be offered. anyone outside this expression of faith is destined for Hell!

My husband will become an Anglican in our Church tomorrow with a piece of liturgy built for the purpose and we will all clap, no doubt. He has been a closet Anglican for years, time to burst out. Direct access to God through Jesus! Wine and bread for all! Mary loved but in her appropriate place.

Please pray for us as we spend time with my husbands' parents tomorrow afternoon when we visit them after this service. From their point of view, he is rebellious, I am even more so for seeking ordination, mine is an influence rather malign because perhaps being a woman, it is I who should have become Catholic. We love our parents (in law) dearly but when their understanding of Anglicanism is so poor that they have to ask us whether we believe that Jesus is the Son of God, it requires much grace to smile and reassure them politely that yes, of course, we do.

Arguments. Avoid 'em:


Anonymous said...

will be praying - my (late) MIL was RC but so supportive of my calling & journey ( she died in November, so after I started college) to the extent that when we went to arrange her funeral the priest was fully conversant with what I was doing and kept deferring to me!! quite amusing but indicative of the pride with which she'd spoken of us. Praying for mutual understanding for you all

Rachel Marszalek said...

You know it was all okay, I think it's being dealt with. There was much conversation today with the cousins, particularly, about how a certain expression of Catholicism wasn't always very helpful, particularly through the teenage years but much openness to what we have found and we were able to share a little of the joy of our church experience with a couple of people who are happy for us and maybe even a little bit curious...

Thanks fibre-fairy.

Our God gives us that ministry of reconciliation which we so need to exercise.


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