Need a little advice

Friends - are you out there? I'm back from New Wine and have manifested all week and I am home manifesting Toronto Blessing style stuff. Please email me if you can advice me about what to expect, do, how to take care of myself etc. Wow so awesome...

...if you can advise get in touch.


Peter Kirk said...

Awesome! I wish I could offer advice based on my similar experiences in the past, but the best I can do is, expect the unexpected!

Rachel Marszalek said...

Hi Peter - I knew you would comment because I know you have experienced these things. I'm working out with God's help that I am to just enjoy it but it's so awesome and wondrous and amazing to have a new language and insights into things I had never understood it's wow, wow, wow!

I hope the Lord will show me in which direction to take this blog. I have some unfolding senses of what my ministry is to look like but need to think hard about the blog. Do you know any good blogs which explore the Spiritual gifts? Thanks for dropping in. I will look at your site some time later or tomorrow for your coverage of the Lakeland outpouring etc and just your general ideas about these manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

Thanks Peter
KOF (Keep on Fire)

Peter Kirk said...

Yes, do look at my blog archives. There's nothing relevant that is recent. I guess I got tired of discussing these things after the storm of opposition I got for supporting the validity of what, despite his sin, Todd Bentley did at Lakeland.

Sadly I don't know of any blogs I can really recommend on this subject. Adrian Warnock has written some good material but I'm sure you will be totally put off by his complementarianism. Sadly it seems, apart from newfrontiers people, very few charismatics blog. Well, perhaps the good news is that they are getting on with doing God's work rather than just writing about it.

So I guess I would recommend material from New Wine, but I assume you have had the chance this week to collect that for yourself.

Rachel Marszalek said...

Hi Peter
I have found Adrian useful.
God really spoke through your 'getting on with it' thing - so excellent - I am going to do just that.

God bless


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