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Google books search is excellent. I'm realising that it might be a way to cut down on the number of books I have to buy. Access to short-term reading is such a scramble and you have to stay put in the reading room, which isn't always something you want to do. There are an amazing amount of books available in full at google books. The only down-side is you can't copy and paste selected quotes across for your notes, you have to type them out. I'm also realising you have to be selective. I banked between twenty and thirty books over to 'my library', this afternoon - I'll never read them all. But it's been fun making better use of this resource.

I came across this which made for an interesting read. But really I should be concentrating on this kind of thing.

During teaching, ten years ago or so I discovered Project Gutenberg which has put many of the classics online and available to print off and found this immensely useful. We created our own abridged Canterbury Tales, for example, so there would be less for the A level students to learn - ruthless carving up of the text, I know. Google books search reminds me of this site and how it really changed the way I prepared for lessons. I feel much more hopeful now about my Deuteronomy research. Nevertheless, an appeal now to my more learned friends: any suggestions for good books to help with this one- nothing too hard please.

Discuss the overall shape of the book of Deuteronomy, considering the key critical and theological issues that arise for Christian readers today, and drawing on verses or passages from different parts of the book to illustrate your answer.

I need to try to get the words 'redaction', 'form' and 'source' into the essay at some point!

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