Congratulations Pray-as-you-go

Hooray! I love 'Pray as you go'. So deserved. They received the Surefish innovation prize.

2009 Most Innovative Christian Website of the Year

Pray As You Go - innovation

When I arrived in Ely too early last Monday their prayers, through my creative Zen, helped me to see the God that is all around me as I sat with a huge cuppa and a sausage roll in a quirky little cafe, flicking through my 'Going to a Bishops Advisory Panel' brochure, wondering when I should really turn up - 3 o'clock too early and 5 o'clock too late. As it was I chose the wrong time to walk through Ely centre to the retreat house because the only thing that I had forgotten to pack was my brolly and so I arrived to greetings of laughter, I looked like a drowned rat and appeals that I had started the day looking smart, honest!

It's been good to be in touch with all the Ely warriors, as we have come to refer to ourselves, and once again, I am enjoying the fellowship that the web enables through its social networking tools - the good side of the web!

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