church within a Church

Epiphany moments.

Last night I was thinking on my fear of church within Church which has been alerted by my meditating on all things GAFCON, FOCA, FCA, JD etc

Am I not also constructing a church within a Church?

I look at my blog roll and see that I have elevated to the status of brother and sister, Christians with whom I share theological stances, although I do cross denominations, I have to say.

In actual fact, you are all my brothers and sisters in Christ so it is time to change my blogroll. I am 'open' in my evangelical expression but I seek to have a 'teachable spirit'. I have much to learn and I hope to gain experiences of other expressions of the faith. I would like to go on a church placement in an Anglo-catholic parish and also experience a mainstream Church of England church which is not evangelical.

I have for too long fixed my gaze upon conservative or open evangelical expressions, perhaps, it is time to stand back and look at the landscape and see what I can learn from the stretched canvas.


Father David Heron said...

Yes, Rachel. Some of the folks on your "Conversation" blog-roll are.....shall we say, a little "narrow-minded"

Rachel Marszalek said...

Interesting observation, David. I became conscious that I was dropping in much more often on Open Evangelical conversation with which I largely concurred in my thinking.

I was accessing conservative evangelical conversation to make me think through where I stand on certain issues.
My blogroll is in need of whom, do you suggest?
Maybe some anglo-catholics and some liberals.

I do not want to divide us all up into types but we often fit the rough contours of a type and burst out every now and then.

So I'm thinking 'open evos' 'Con evos', 'anglo-catholic', 'liberal' - labels, labels everywhere!!

Are there other expressions I'm not engaging with who would widen my horizons? Can you make suggestions? Or might I only get jokes from you!! ;)

poppy tupper said...

You can put me down as a liberal and a catholic. I won't say 'anglo-catholic' because I was always brought up to believe that that was a term used by people who didn't really know what they were. I am a member of the Church of England, and therefore a catholic. no need for that anglo nonsense.
Please could I ask you to reconsider the colour scheme on this part of your blog? The contrast is between background and type is not enough for poor eyes. Thank you.


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