Jackson's apocalyptic vision of the cosmic reconciliation

Rev 21:4
'He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death' or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away."

Definitely an unmatched talent.

My girls and I have dropped in on this song recently on Youtube and they were very captured by it. We had been talking about the environment and I had been involved in a planning meeting about how we are to be stewards of creation and that this is our duty as Christians to not rule, as in dominate and exploit but care for our creation...and that this is God's will.

I have a friend who is an environmentalist/pagan and she finds Christianity difficult to understand because it does not seem to present itself as particularly concerned about the cosmos. She is also a vegetarian and cares deeply about animal welfare so I am seriously challenged apologetically by her questions about animal sacrifice in the Old Testament.

I had wanted to use the video above in church to talk about the reconciliation at the end of time of everything to God and how the end is the new beginning as it once was, in some ways, in Genesis and yet not even quite that either.

Anyway, it was thought the video might be a little lost on our traditional congregation but it's one in the bank, along with Queen's 'One Vision' for when I get to preach about Peter (just love that fried Chicken ending).

Maybe it's only in some kind of imaginary ministry that I will get to use these resources but it's fun to think about it, nevertheless.

Back to Michael Jackson. He definitely had the 'wow' factor and I remember when my sister was 13, she was so infatuated by him, my mum had to take her out of the room when she once sat glued to him on TV because she was crying so hard.

I think that there will be a kind of hysteria which will break out as the world reacts to such a loss. The appropriateness of such a reaction being a matter I will not go into, only to say that I think it's very tied up with a misapplication of worship. Micheal Jackson may have been a king to some but 'waking up to find yourself dead' (!) (See below) hardly compares to the God/man who through death, lived again and conferred on all his 'fans' eternal life.

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