Sorry, guys, in that marriage we are all female!

Definitely worth a read.

I remember coming across the 'idea' of marriage continuing in Heaven with an onus on male headship and female submission. I think I thought it peculiar to CBMW and took little notice. It is particularly idiosyncratic of an organisation like CBMW to espouse such a thing. In a sense apologetics is not required. We understand that the Bible does away with marriage as we understand it, between human beings, in Heaven. The metaphor has currency, of course, hence Peter Carrell's amusing retort 'sorry, guys, in that marriage we are all female', wherein Christ is the groom and the Church is the bride.

If you do wonder about what you are being taught, there are some clues that theology might be complementarian. The Anglican Church recognises such teachings as having integrity and we are to listen to one another, which I think is one of the strengths of Anglicanism ie that we are a listening church but sometimes to engage in debate, there needs to be an understanding about where each other sit.

Churches which hold to male headship often also promote particular resources for study: Matthias Press, Cornhill teaching, Wayne Grudem's systematics, Oakhill training, many things Sydney and Jensen, Latimer Trust etc and a preferred version of the Bible would be the ESV.

There are many good things about these resources, they are orthodox and sincere but also tinged with a peculiarly complementarian flavour.

Many people's senses will not even detect the subtle sprinklings but for those of us who have a more developed palette, the seasoning is quite perceptible and sometimes causes a little indigestion.

Peter Carrell's culinary metaphor is more amusing than mine but you'll have to click on the first link for that.

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