Happy Birthday to my blog, Happy Birthday to my blog

Wow - what a year. A year ago, I launched my blog. I wanted to follow the York June Synod decision on Women Bishops and then its discussion at Lambeth in the July. I wanted to test out my calling and my feelings about women in ministry on a wider body of people. I wanted to develop a prayerful and reflective space, where I could think through my faith and grow. I hoped to learn, refine, reflect and challenge. I aimed to be transparent and communicate an awareness that some of the ideas I posture will change over time. I wanted to understand what Anglicanism is really all about. I am a cradle Anglican. Am I also a passionate Anglican because I believe in my tradition? Do I understand Anglicanism and how it communicates discipleship in a way that is distinctive to that of other denominations? I still have much to learn but I hope I have learned something.

Blogging has become a very important part of my life and faith journey. As I sing Happy Birthday to my blog, I want to thank particularly some of you people out there for what I hold dear about you and for what you have contributed to my life (in no particular order):

John Richardson - thank you for your challenges, your orthodoxy, your intellect
Peter Carrell - Thank you for your way with words, your prayerful consideration of issues, your wisdom
Canon Christopher Hall - thank you for your support, your encouragement and your tireless campaigning for women in ministry
Jody Radical Evangelical - thank you for your courage, your transparency, your passion
Cheryl Schatz - thank you for your support, your wrestles with scripture, your attention to detail
Tim Goodbody - thank you for your honesty, your passion, your energy, your sense of humour
Dave Warnock - thank you for your encouragement, your contributions to this blog and your wisdom
David Ould - thank you for your transforming challenges and encouragement

...and also to mention Gill (Chipping away at Churchianity), David Rudel, Adrian Warnock, Peter Kirk and many more besides - thank you

...Here's to another year!


Peter Carrell said...

Hi Rachel
Wow. Thank you. Best wishes for the next year ahead!

Cheryl Schatz said...

Dear Rachel,
Thank you for your kind words. Also thank you for encouraging Mike Seaver to dialog with me. I did get an email from him and he has agreed to dialog in July. I am not sure yet whether it will be a public dialog or a private one, but if he is willing, I think a public dialog would be very helpful to many, many women who have experienced great hurt by the strong attitude of some complementarians.


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