Ever feel you're just getting away with it, by the skin of your teeth

I have always felt that when I have achieved something or done something to make those around me say 'well done', it was some sort of fluke, I just got lucky, you see, 'they don't know what I am really like' etc. I think we all forget to give God the glory. We do not do things in our own strength but in his. He can give us the words to speak and the patience to endure difficult situations. He can make us shine when we need to, if it is part of his plan. So I am working on being more grateful for the situations I am put in which I manage to cope with. I am trying to be less deferential. Because whether you are boastful or self-denying, it is all bound up with the same thing - self. Even humility can be about self. So give God the glory!

Getting away with it:

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