Wow - so many styles!

No 3 does it for me. How about you?


Tim Goodbody said...

Yup, 3 for me. saw TBC last year at New Wine and they are lovely people and my 7 year old daughter gets it but as with S club, etc there are a few "Dad, look away now" moments!
Bandwithnoname - I'll stick with the Prodigy thank you!
Whcih NW are you at?

Rachel said...

Hi Tim
Newark from the 25th July for the week :-)

poppy tupper said...

I've been avoiding commenting on this for a while, because I don't like being negative, but.... I've watched it all the way through, to be fair to it, and it makes me want to run screaming out of the room. It's creepy and nasty in so many ways. I'm only saying this, because people are so willing to be negative about traditional church music, and it's rare for us who like it and find it meaningful to be equally honest about how we feel about things like this. I hope I never have to hear something like this again.

Rachel said...

But I love the last one :(

poppy tupper said...

I only watched the last one. What I'm saying is, that just because some people (even lots of people) like a thing, it doesn't mean that all people will. The music you love (here) makes me feel terrible. That is the one that I find creepy and nasty. I think it's worth remembering that when you think about evangelism and reaching out to people.

Rachel said...

Interesting Poppy - obviously I am not responsible for the lyrics but yes, I am interested in your reaction - what is creepy and nasty about it? Explain. It would be helpful, in so much as, if it has provoked such a reaction, yes, it is something I want to understand.
love Rachel


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