Oakhill inspectation

I thought that this was interesting and that it doesn't really require any comment:

The inspectors also noted that in terms of recruitment the College still
falls far short of the House of Bishops Guidelines that a minimum of
15% of places for ordinands should be taken by women. In the current
academic year, 2008/9, there is at Oak Hill only one woman ordinand
amongst the 57 ordinands there in training, although it is important to
acknowledge that she herself spoke warmly and positively to us about
her experience as a woman student at the College. We recognise that
the recruitment of women ordinands to a college with a conservative
evangelical tradition poses a considerable challenge, as too does the
fact that many of the so-called ‘sending churches’ are not supportive of
women’s ordained ministry. Nevertheless, we are firmly of the view that
a more equal gender balance amongst the College’s ordinands would
benefit the ordinands themselves as well as Oak Hill as a whole. For
that reason, we believe that the College should step up its drive to
recruit women ordinands. To assist it to do so, we believe that, as
vacancies occur, it should endeavour to achieve a better gender
balance across the teaching staff which is at present predominantly
male, especially in the teaching posts for traditional theological
subjects. It should also ensure that ordained women from a range of
traditions are regularly invited to the College to preach and/or to
engage wherever possible with the College’s life and work.
Recommendation 2
We recommend that the College:
a) redouble its present efforts to recruit an increased number
of women ordinands;
b) seek, as opportunity arises, to achieve a more equable
gender balance in its academic staff;
c) avail itself of the widest possible range of opportunities for
involving ordained women in the life and work of the

She must be a brave lady!


PamBG said...

As an escapee to Methodism from a North London Anglican church that was in the 'Oakhill orbit', this does not surprise me in the least.

David Ould said...

it's a great report, isn't it? They also point out that although the general position is quite conservative on this issue that there was a real generosity of spirit to those with whom there was disagreement.

Perhaps you missed that one?

David Ould said...

sorry, that last comment should come with a cheeky ;-) at the end :-D

Rachel said...

Indeed David, it sounds like a spiritually rich and prayerful place with great teaching and fellowship.....
.......if you're a man!

love Rachel


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