Gracious Rev Sally Theakston and the BNP Mystery Worshipper

Over at 'Ship of Fools' they have a mystery worshipper who attends services and then reports back on the welcome and atmosphere and the sermon and the theology. I guess it's kind of like an ofsted of sorts, but for churches. However, it would seem that Rev Sally Theakston was visited by a BNP vicar who clearly had an agenda from the outset. It is not surprising that he failed to find anything good to say about the service he attended. I applaud Rev Sally Theakston for her gracious response.

It must be a strange thing to hold allegiance to Jesus and the BNP. How can the two manifestos be reconciled with each other? Jesus was welcoming and inclusive. That England should be for the English is as narrow an approach as Jesus being for Israel alone when it was the missio dei from the outset that he should be a blessing for all the nations of the earth.

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