A worm ate my tweets

How weird does that sound? The way we all communicate these days is definitely interesting and rather odd. I'm quite enjoying twitter and my blog has become very helpful and cathartic.

But about the worm...I found I had lost so many tweets, it was as if updates for the last few days just weren't being shown but now I understand that accounts were contaminated by a 'worm'. Well, I really don't understand any of this, only that it all sounds typically Eden/fall like. There really are no safe spaces. The worm eats my tweets, the snake crawls up the tree to the apple.

This also leads me to reflect on blogging too. I have been very open about the fact that I blog to my DDO and my church and my friends. It has put me in touch with so many Christians throughout the world. It has really helped me to access a diversity of opinions on a huge number of topics and more particularly about those which I have found my life touched by.

However, there is always a slight apprehension too that accompanies any explanations I make about my blog. Primarily, I have to deal with the vulnerability it entails. I spouse opinions which might change or at least become modified, it sometimes feels very unnerving, that one day, I might look back on all the things that I have written about here with a sense of wonder, bemusement or hilarity. I might not recognise shades of myself expressed herein, in much the same way, one might come across a diary one kept as a 14 year old and just laugh, hardly recognising oneself.

I also worry that people might think I will blog about them. Do they reveal things to me, trusting that I will not broadcast it to the world? Well, they only have my word on this. I also try to blog only about my own experiences and the theological issues I explore on the web and in studies and at college. There is though a problem with this too. You end up wondering if sharing your thougts with the world is rather a self-indulgent thing to do. People might wonder what makes you think anybody would be in the least bit interested. Now, in a way, this is an easy one to deal with. It's all about your thoughts because you can not speak from the perspective of others and you promised them you wouldn't blog about them, the other is that if people do not want to read it...they simply 'turn off the laptop and go and do something less boring instead'.

25 years ago I used to watch 'Why don't you'...now I'm wondering if we shouldn't all turn off our laptops instead but I don't think its going to happen soon.

Do you remember this programme?

I could only find the theme tune.

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