What a gift of a day

Hooray - woke up today without labyrinthitus. It's a middle ear thing which makes you feel sick and dizzy.

I'm getting there with the atonement theories work. I was starting to plan holiday club for the under 5s for Monday as well last night and this morning went to church to man a station of the cross - the crucifixion and a lot of things became more clear. First of all, the journey there was fab, it only takes five minutes, but to be able to open up the sun-roof because there is sun through the roof! Great!

I realised whilst I stood waiting for the school children to visit my station that no matter how much I need to cram all this theory (for college assignments) into my head, what is more important is being able to explain the significance of the cross to people in every day language that they can understand. It was very refreshing to engage in something that somehow seemed more real than staying inside my house with a pile of seventeen books in front of me on atonement theory.

Also as I looked around our church, I realised that I was staring at my holiday club, that the only children who will not have visited the stations are the village's pre-school children and it's to them we will speak on Monday. Our vicar said we can leave all of the stuff there so that's a real answer to prayer because last night my husband and I had been working out how we would gather the props we want to take the children through the Easter story but it's all there already. Yippee! Result!

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