Come eat with me, it's time to rest
With blood and body you'll be blessed.
Surround me now and share and speak
For pain is climbing to its peak.
For just a while, be still, accept,
All your struggling's now inept.
Please! Jostle not for fame and power
My life drains to its final hour.

So now be still in swaddling heat
And let me tend to hearts and feet,
I'll wash away the grit and sand
Of journeys we've made over land.
This life of three and thirty years
Will then be marked with blood and tears.

I'll soon no longer need to eat
Or sip this wine so smooth and sweet.
I'll fast before the feast begins
So light before the weight of sins.
For tomorrow is a day for mourning,
Where once you loved, you'll soon be scorning.
Where once you cleaved unto my breast
You'll cringe and crumble with the rest.
You'll drop your cloaks to run still faster
And fling betrayals at your master.
You'll deny you ever knew this man
Who stands before you bread in hand.

So break it now, I'll soon be broken.
I'll reside forever in this token.
Feast on me, I am the life,
Cutting through your fear and strife.
Thirst no more but drink this down
Behold my head without its crown
Gaze upon my sun-bruised skin
Soon to be splintered with your sin.

If only you could understand
What must befall the Son of Man.
You glance too quickly and eyes depart
In close inspection of your heart.
Think not upon the darkness there,
I come to cleanse this temple bare,
I come to reconcile you now
You know it too but daren't ask how.
The answer kills and then revives
To give you new and perfect lives.
You'll be redeemed; a new creation
So carry me out into every nation.

The points of my cross go in every direction
Mine is a death for a resurrection.
Yours is a life for a mission like mine
Of the coming Kingdom, you're a living sign.
So set your glass down now, come with me to pray
Tomorrow will prove the most beautiful day.

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