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h/t accidental seminarian


DaveW said...


By the way I am on a retreat for Methodist Ministers who are coming towards the end of their first appointment to prepare us for all the procedures of ether extension or stationing.

The leaders of the retreat are all women. 2 lay and 1 ordained (there was supposed to be a 4th leader who is a man but a family issues stopped him coming at the last minute). They are all highly qualified and this is a great gift from the Church.

Also on the retreat, which is for five districts there are 8 women ministers and 8 men (it was compulsory so not that the men chose not to come).

More signs of hope in the Methodist Church.

Rachel said...

A great sign indeed demonstrating that in Christ the world's distinctions have little bearing. Great too that the man could duck out at the last min for family reasons - the world's prescribed gender roles have damaged men as much as they have women but methodism proves there is much hope. I think the C of E still has a way to go but we're getting there - just slowly.

jody said...

words are so important - those words spoken over us are still resonating and are perpetuated by those, like mark driscoll, who continue to speak them.


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