Oh flips, here we go again...

Has anybody read Bruce Ware's Father, Son and Holy Spirit?

I bet Wayne Grudem is one of its biggest fans.

Here's Terry Virgo's reaction to it under the ironic heading 'Each member fully God'

'Very carefully he argues that each member of the Trinity is not one-third God but fully God, with each member having every essential attribute of God equally and fully. Nevertheless, he establishes the Biblical truth that though they are co-equal, the Father in His position and authority is supreme among the persons of the Godhead. The Father sends the Son and exalts the Son and gives him His all-surpassing name. Ware relaxes into the vernacular, stating, ‘The Father gets top billing as it were.’

The loving submission of the Son is clearly stated, standing in stark contrast to modern man’s insatiable appetite for complete equality in every respect. Each is equal but each has a different role to fulfil, thus providing a matchless example for the roles of men and women – equal in value but different in function.

This is a superb volume. As Christians we uniquely believe in the Trinity. If you would like more light shed on this fundamental truth, let me encourage you to get your copy of Bruce Ware’s excellent book.'

Looks like we're back into the old territory of ESS again potentially, (Eternal subordination of the son).

I pre-suppose that this is what I would find here which means this book will not easily make it onto my 'wishlist'!

I'm starting to think certain things about Newfrontiers churches.


Suzanne McCarthy said...

Put Ware into the search box on my blog. I have written lots about him. The husband reflects the authority of the Father and the wife reflects the submission of the Son and this is how we are in the image of God. A pagan religion.

Paula said...

"Roles"? I wrote a little something about the Trinity: The Nature of the Triune God. Listed there are scriptures showing that the alleged roles of the Persons are not so etched in stone as the male supremacist cult would have us believe.

BTW, if you'd rather not download the PDF it can be viewed online Here.

Rachel said...

It's amazing how influential and widespread the appeal of some American pastors is over here. I didn't know until I looked more closely at his blog that Terry Virgo lives in the South of England and I think Newfrontiers churches probably import some of their theology from the American conservatives, although that is only a guess because I do not know much about Newfrontiers churches.

Thanks for the info Suzanne


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