Manifestations of the Holy Spirit's power.

I enjoyed reading Adrian Warnock's experiences of the Holy Spirit.
I shared mine a while back and quote from an old post I wrote

I'm reminded of my own baptism in the Holy Spirit. The complete helplessness I experienced in the face of such power, a power that literally swept me off my feet and had me fall over. A power that didn't start to drain away for about a week and where it was experienced again the following morning in just about the most traditional, high church, liturgical setting one could imagine. The next day I visited my parents' church for Sunday worship and had to grip the rails. It was a feeling that left me in agony of sorts for a while, I wanted to just be there already with the trinity and away from this earth, so beautiful and empowering had been the foretaste of the inheritance that awaited me. I have had two other very memorable experiences like this – two when someone prayed over me in tongues and the third in prayer ministry when a feeling of the most intense and amazing heat filled my back, travelled up to my neck and then down each of my arms. I remind myself of all of these experiences of the Holy Spirit if ever I feel unsure or a little disconnected from God – they are so important to me.

I encourage you to dwell on those times in your life when you have been very conscious of a topping up. You might like to share them here. Adrian does not allow for posts on his blog. If you do not want to share them, although I think we should as testimony to our faith and God's power, meditate on them and thank God for his very real and powerful presence in our lives as we continue to seek him again and again and again...

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