Easter in Serbia

I love this video. I can relate to some of the feelings here. Kate's passion for the gospel is a 'bubbling over' kind of passion and expresses itself this way - I understand the frustration she feels about the worship service at the beginning of this video. As I learn about myself, I understand my own effervescence about things but as I become more aware of this, I am also challenging myself to understand better that this is how God has me express my love for him but his ways are particular for each of us and there are gentle spiritualities and bombastic spiritualities, there are the trickling streams and the rushing rapids to use some 'Graham Kings' language less politically. Kate's feelings on Easter morning communicate themselves carefully - I felt really moved at that point. I sometimes experience the feeling of wanting the whole world to sing with me but often all I hear is a barely audible hum. God bless you, Kate.

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