Energy! Loads! Of all kinds! Until the end, when a bunch of teenage boys are lying on the ground, refusing to play rag-hockey because they are so shattered out by all the other games we've played, whilst their leaders, three times their age are raring to go and shouting at them (with smiles) to get up! The youth of today hey! - we're going to have to work on their spiritual and physical fitness, the latter being the last thing that I thought God would call me to (I used to nick off home and put my feet up on cross-country runs at school)- but there you go - you never can tell what you'll end up doing.

There was a great atmosphere tonight. We all had fun - they didn't want to go home and they will bring their friends back next time. The power of prayer - eh! Wow! We remembered this time to announce the event at morning worship so that the whole church could pray and people approached me of their own initiative to say that they would pray at the time youth group was occuring. Group prayer with our incumbent also happened before youth. I have a feeling that this group is going to grow in number, it's all so exciting. How blessed!

With a name - cre8 - we seem to now have an identity. We've just got to modify our website and organise our first social to Lazer Quest. If you'd told me a few years ago that Church could be this much fun...fantastic!

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