Easter poster sorted at last

I design the posters for my church's services and holiday clubs and I am teaching myself some graphic design packages as best as I can. The package I use is GIMP and it's free with UBUNTU LINUX platform. All my software is free because it's open source.

I downloaded brushes today which will create butterflies and trees etc for me so at last, after a lot of thought and a bit of uneasing distraction after coming across the Mars Hill stuff this morning, which wasn't very good for me psychologically because my head is so full of the atonement theories which I've been researching for an assignment, I couldn't help but produce something which hints at the new life we await, the resurrection life! We offer up our tears and thanks on Good Friday, with hearts of heaviness tempered by what we look with hope towards.

1 comment:

karen freeman said...

wonderful poster! I really like the butterfly imagery.


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