This time tomorrow the exams will be over...

Hooray - this time tomorrow, I'll be on my way back home - exams finished. I dislike the pressure but whatever the result, I've actually had a lovely few days contemplating the trinity and the Christology of Philippians 2 5-11: the kenosis and the hypostasis, understanding how our faith as Christians came to be articulated and expressed in the creeds and liturgy which we recite on a Sunday morning. The words of the creed had been becoming more and more significant to me over the last few years but I think I will be able to say them now, attending more carefully to their words, in awe and wonder at their expression of the inexpressible, of how the impassible God suffered through the Word incarnate for our sake and our reconcilation with Him.

It is such pleasure, spending the day working on just two sentences (albeit very long ones) from The New Testament. If someone had told that in my thirties, it would make me happy to stay in all day alone at my kitchen table, contemplating two sentences from the Bible, I would have laughed at them, imagining that that was highly unlikely. Funny how life turns out.

Also heard from my DDO this morning. I was constructing an email to her and the phone rang and somehow I knew it would be her and it was so I look forward to a meeting soon and talking things through about how the Church might want to use me in the future in some capacity, in hopefully a teaching, preaching capacity because it's to that I feel I am called.

' Been a good day.

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