First piece of work returned to me by theological college

Got my first piece of work back today. I'm passing, phew! It's good to know this before my meeting tomorrow, just for my own piece of mind.

My feedback highlighted the fact that I had concentrated too heavily on the Bible at the expense of other things like the Ordinal and The Rochester Report, which I should have considered in more detail for my arguments for and against women bishops. It's the Bible that I really want to understand, so I suppose this motivation cost me some marks.

I suspect that the same will be said of my ethics essay, because I couldn't learn from the first piece, which I only had back today so as to inform the second. With this I looked at homosexuality from a biblical perspective for how the Church should respond to it but I didn't look at the employment legislation which I realise now will probably cost me some marks in a similar way.

What do you do, when in comparison to the Bible, everything else ever written just seems dull and unappealing!!

What's a good evangelical to do, eh?! ;)

Better start reading some other stuff too!

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